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Dominos’ PR strategy falls like…well, dominos

Posted on: January 12, 2010

Dominos shows us how the age of lost cost video has not removed the need for good PR.

About 9 months ago, a video abounded on the internet (and news shows on terrestrial TV) showing 2 Domino’s employees doing what we all suspect lowly paid, under motivated and just plain mischievous food service workers do with our food once we turn our backs. Let’s just say nostrils and underwear, cheese and salami was involved.  Anyway, the company President (Patrick Doyle) then used the same medium to broadcast his company’s apology and how they’ve ‘sanitized..(the shop)…from top to bottom’. All pretty commendable in their quick reaction times. Still, not the best for a food brand to be associated with poor sanitary conditions. So what does the company do next? Spend millions of dollars apologising for making bad food.  Have to say, that probably wouldn’t have been my first thought.

Last month Dominos took personal self flagellation a step further with their pizza turnaround campaign. Queue a 4 minute video detailing how they’re “turning their pizza around” to be much better tasting.  However about  25% of the video is taken up with negative message about the pizza – in written, oral and visual media.  It’s one thing to acknowledge you’ve made a mistake, another to publicise those comments to an even wider audience. Regardless, their site seems to be getting great traction and tweets abound with peoples’ verdicts on the ‘new and improved pizzas.’ Whether this will help see an increase in market share only time will tell.

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