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Kraft work well in the online realm

Posted on: January 12, 2010

Kraft shows how a large consumer retailer can target its users effectively with their launch of iPhone apps.  They are
focusing on providing ‘real services and real solutions’ and taking advantage of the increased interactivity of their
consumers.  They’re behind the iFood Assisstant – helps you decide what to have for dinner tonight while your in the
supermarket.  They’ve also developed the Trisket Small Plates app, which helps you figure out what wines goes with what
snacks or meals.  Nothing ground breaking in the concept, well executed and genuinely useful products.
They also collaborated with American Greeetings to get into the inboxes of many American moms. American Greetings, Kraft Foods got together to “spread holiday cheer…an e-card program that benefits Feeding America, the nation’s leading
hunger-relief charity.” The original target was 1 million meals, but this has been smashed and a new target of 3 million
meals donated has been set. A great example of a traditional product based company utilising the internets to great effect.
More info on the apps: (click on the third box on the right)
More info on the collaboration with American Greetings.

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