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Spam, Approve, Delete?

Posted on: July 1, 2010

I still keep tabs on my parents’ web site, – find freight information fast with Ireland’s premier freight directory! (sorry, shameless plug there). Anyway, I keep an eye on the comments. Most of which are complete spam. A lot of which are quite hilarious in their quite blatent spamminess.  I thought I’d post some for all to enjoy :)

Lancome Gift with Purchase says:

Marvellous article you have induced here! The web is full of horrid authorship and I was grabbed by your limpidity. Your stopping points are dead-on and I will forthwith subscribe to your rss feed to stay up to date with your up future day postings.

Juan Merrit says:

Read the landlord’s post, I fell into serious reflections.

This is in response to IIFA Shortlisted for CILTI Awards 2010

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