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Twitter develops analytics

Posted on: July 12, 2010

As the number of tweets grows to more than 65 million a day from just short of 200 million users, the problem of how to harness all this information becomes greater.  In order to address this, Twitter has acquired a group called Smallthough Systems, the groups responsible for Trendly, an application that lets web sites find out more about the usage and traffic data that is collected by Google Analytics.  More important than the technology however, the new employees “have joined…[Twitter’s]… analytics team and will focus on integrating ideas from Trendly into. ..[Twitter’s]…  current tools and building innovative real time products for ..[Twitter’s]… future commercial partners,” according to the official Twitter Blog.

Interestingly enough, at an Online Measurement and Strategy seminar I attended recently, they were discussing the rise in companies investing in people rather than technology. It seems this is being reflected in the larger companies also.  Looks like the analytics industry is set to develop and evolve.

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