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Attention all Documentary Makers

Posted on: September 2, 2010

Ready, Set, Action!

Ready, Set, Action!

Ok, it’s a press release, but an interesting one I thought. Basically, National Library Scotland has teamed up with EDINDOCS (Edinburgh’s documentary film festival) and say they’ll forever archive the winners’ documentary so their work can be accessed ‘in perpetuity’ (that’s forever to you and me).

Also, the winning films will be shown on public screen in the National Library’s George UV Bridge building in Edinburgh,

AND the winners will get £250 for their troubles. Not bad all round me thinks!

Anyway, enough of me blabbering, read on for the details and how to enter.

The National Library of Scotland, home to the Scottish Screen Archive, has developed a partnership with EDINDOCS, Edinburgh’s new documentary film festival, and will provide two documentary makers with a unique opportunity.

EDINDOCS aims to bring quality independent film to Scotland’s capital, showcasing fresh new talent in a city renowned for its culture by screening 25 of the finest new documentaries during its debut three day festival this month.

As the official sponsor of the ‘Best Documentary’ category, the Library is supporting a fantastic prize for the top two documentaries (short and feature-length) – the films will be given pride of place in the prestigious Scottish Screen Archive to be accessed in perpetuity.

Furthermore, the award-winning films will be shown on public screens in the National Library’s George IV Bridge building in Edinburgh for an entire week, and the documentary makers will receive £250.

Martyn Wade, National Librarian and CEO of the National Library of Scotland, said: “We are delighted to help promote the art of documentary-making through our sponsorship of EDINDOCS.

“I’m sure any documentary-maker would be delighted with the opportunity to see their film join Scotland’s national moving images collection, the Scottish Screen Archive. We are looking forward to seeing the winning contributions.”

Stuart McInnes, organiser of EDINDOCS, said there were surprisingly few opportunities for aspiring documentary-makers – particularly independents – to showcase their work, and hopes the festival will help to open doors for them.

He said: “EDINDOCS is not exclusively for independent filmmakers but it does provide a new platform for them, which they desperately need.

“The creative environment provided by Edinburgh’s festivals is fantastic and we hope that EDINDOCS can further complement that by opening doors for the wealth of new documentary filmmaking talent out there.”

EDINDOCS takes place from September 16th-18th at The Church Hill Theatre, Morningside, Edinburgh. For more information visit


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