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Facebook Places set to Rival Foursquare

Posted on: September 24, 2010

And as usual, ruffle some privacy feathers while they’re at it.

On the 18th of August, Facebook announced the arrival of Facebook Places.  This is a strong indication that Facebook is set on taking on new kid on the social block, Foursquare. Facebook Places allows registered users to ‘check in’ to bars, pubs, clubs, shops or petty much anywhere else they care to mention and displays this information to other users. Indeed, with the correct permissions, it even allows your friends to ‘check you in’ without you even knowing.

Facebook herald this addition as an enhancement to their original offering of Who, What, When….and now Where. Their argument is that people are already sharing this data and that all Facebook Places offers is an effective method to distribute this information.

Privacy advocates, of which Facebook is a favourite target, argue that even though Facebook places asks permission before displaying a person’s location, this new function invites problems. Philip Lop of comments, “Facebook Places encourages much more active participation in …. data sharing without really asking its users to consider the implications of their actions.”

Facebook Places is currently only available on iPhones.

Philip Lop’s article:

Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Places:


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