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Metro provides content for Foursquare

Posted on: September 24, 2010

The Metro newspaper is the first to provide content to the social networking site, Foursquare. Users can view restaurant and film reviews when they ‘check-in’ to relevant places. Jamie Walters, director at Metro says “Foursquare is a cutting edge social tool that helps users find new ways to explore cities, making it the perfect fit for Metro’s Urbanite and City Clicker audiences. We are really excited to be the first UK newspaper to take advantage of this platform and I am sure users will find our reviews helpful when they are on the move and exploring the UK’s cities.”

I know you all know what Foursquare is but for the uninitiated few:

The phone-based application is downloaded onto a handset and it then determines the location of the phone/user through the phone’s GPS. The app then displays local locations and enables an action which the user can take called “checking in”. This “check-in” can then be amplified through Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s some more on the piece:


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