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Twitter Becomes Two Faced

Posted on: September 24, 2010

For the first time in four years, Twitter has undergone a face lift.

This new transformation is only available to a select few for the moment but word on the street has it, the new interface will have a split screen showing tweets on one side and embedded content for the other. This embedded content will be provided by the 16 photo and video sites with which Twitter has been partnered.

The re-design is set to change the way that users tweet too – with new user mini-profiles, related content and added detail panes sliding into view to supplement 140 character-long bursts of Twitter chatter.

Reactions are mixed from the social media dons with some saying the new layout will make Twitter more difficult to use and other saying the new application is the slickest on the web yet. Either way, when the new facelift rolls out fully later this month, it is sure to cause quite a flap!

You can read more here:–twitter-facelift-emphasizes-multimedia

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