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Bellwether = Goat with Bell

The latest Bellwether report from IPA/BDO has shown that PR has not escaped a down size in budget for Q2.  PR has suffered in Q2 budgets alongside all main categories in the Bellwether report with direct marketing and internet being the only exceptions. This down turn in budget follows the slight upturn in Q1 and is representative of a fragile UK economy.

“The downward revision to marketing budget in the second quarter is disappointing as it fails to build on the return to growth seen earlier in the year and highlights the fragility of the UK economic recovery,” report author Chris Williamson remarked. “Companies are exercising increased caution in their expenditure in the face of likely slower economic growth in the second half of the year. However it is encouraging to see that marketing spend is still set to increase for the year as a whole compared to 2009, albeit to a lesser extent than signalled in the first quarter.”

PRCA chief executive Francie Ingham said PR professional should retain a sense of perspective when looking at the latest results because the PR sector is not looked at in depth.

“Our own quarterly tracking will be out within the next ten days, and should add more PR-centric market intelligence. Before then, it’s much too soon to be talking about a PR double dip”

In related news, WPP Chief executive, Sir Martin Sorrell, discusses about the PR industry:

In quite unrelated news, the term bellwether refers to anything that predicts future occurrences. The term is from Middle English and refers to the practice of placing a bell around the neck of a castrated ram (aka a wether) leading its flock of sheep. The movements of the flock could be noted by hearing the bell before the flock was in sight. So now you know!



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