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As the number of tweets grows to more than 65 million a day from just short of 200 million users, the problem of how to harness all this information becomes greater.  In order to address this, Twitter has acquired a group called Smallthough Systems, the groups responsible for Trendly, an application that lets web sites find out more about the usage and traffic data that is collected by Google Analytics.  More important than the technology however, the new employees “have joined…[Twitter’s]… analytics team and will focus on integrating ideas from Trendly into. ..[Twitter’s]…  current tools and building innovative real time products for ..[Twitter’s]… future commercial partners,” according to the official Twitter Blog.

Interestingly enough, at an Online Measurement and Strategy seminar I attended recently, they were discussing the rise in companies investing in people rather than technology. It seems this is being reflected in the larger companies also.  Looks like the analytics industry is set to develop and evolve.


So, I’m now writing this from my new pad just off Broughton Street in Edinburgh. Pete and I moved in to the new place this weekend and so far, so good! The rooms are huge, the beds are soft, and the private gardens are gorgeous – there’s even a slide! Photos will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Facebook – what’s left to say, eh? Facebook changes settings without consulting anyone, people get angry, Facebook says sorry…rinse and repeat.  Don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit bored of this dance. Next tune please!  I’m not saying what they did was right – I think the settings should be automatically set to private, including not allowing even friends and family see anything. That way people will be forced to figure out how to use the settings properly! – however, how do people think companies can exist if not from advertising? Google Mail reads your emails and shows relevant ads for pete’s sake!  Anyway, I’ve said nuff on this.  Here’s what Mashable says.

Other bit of news since last update – LOST has finally ended! And the major thing that I thought after watching it was….where’s the polar bear?

OK, I know it’s not January, but it’s taken me some time to figure out what my New Year’s resolution is to be.  I’m going to start writing a short piece on what’s been happening in my life and post it here on my blog.  Nothing ground breaking, but with my memory at least it’ll help me keep tabs on what I’ve been up to!

So, without further ado….

Last weekend I travelled back to the Emerald Isle (also known as Eire, Ireland, and that damp spot West of Europe that’s fond of spuds) for a short trip to visit friends and family.  Arrived late Friday and was all set to fly out Sunday morning. Except that bleeding volcano in Iceland put a stop to that. 6am phone call to my ever-patient boyfriend who valiantly managed to get me home by a combo of bus, more bus, boat, and train.

In reality, it really wasn’t that bad a trip back. Lovely scenery all the way and everyone was in good(-ish) spirits.  What I have learned though is to have Stena Line’s Sail & Rail on speed dial. Those tickets go fast!! Then again, they only cost £50 return from Belfast to Edinburgh, ferry and train included. Add an extra €14 for bus from Dublin Airport to Belfast Bus Station (UlsterBus – they leave earlier than Aircoach) and you’re laughing.

PLUS the seats were bigger and comfier that Mr O’Leary could ever offer.

PLUS PLUS there’s a distinct lack of vomit yellow and sales pitches for the entire journey.

The number to call btw, cos I know you’ll be needing it someday is 08445 762 762

In other news, have been getting to grips with SEOmoz Pro membership which we got in work the other day. Very handy site crammed full of information and tools to do with SEO and PPC. If you’re into SEO or PPC or any of that frustratingly lovely stuff, check them out. They’ve got tons of stuff for non-members also.

Today I created a proposal for a PPC campaign for a client who’s targetting Asia predominantly. Loved doing the research for that I must say! Will have to wait and see what the client says.

That’s all for today. More to come.


PS, will figure out how to upload photos soon!

These days I’m working for the online marketing arm of the UK’s largest PR company. Dmarkable offer a range of internet marketing services from SEO to web hosting, PPC to web design. I have been here for about half a year and am settling in nicely.

Recent challenges have come from on of our clients who sells cruises. With the recent volcano chaos in Iceland, we’ve been working with them to make sure they get as much mileage out of this event as possible. Every cloud (even ash ones) have silver linings it would appear!

Some cool Irish themed apps in celebration of St Paddy’s day

Just found the freebie section in SmashingMagazine Sweet! (literally)

Dominos shows us how the age of lost cost video has not removed the need for good PR.

About 9 months ago, a video abounded on the internet (and news shows on terrestrial TV) showing 2 Domino’s employees doing what we all suspect lowly paid, under motivated and just plain mischievous food service workers do with our food once we turn our backs. Let’s just say nostrils and underwear, cheese and salami was involved.  Anyway, the company President (Patrick Doyle) then used the same medium to broadcast his company’s apology and how they’ve ‘sanitized..(the shop)…from top to bottom’. All pretty commendable in their quick reaction times. Still, not the best for a food brand to be associated with poor sanitary conditions. So what does the company do next? Spend millions of dollars apologising for making bad food.  Have to say, that probably wouldn’t have been my first thought.

Last month Dominos took personal self flagellation a step further with their pizza turnaround campaign. Queue a 4 minute video detailing how they’re “turning their pizza around” to be much better tasting.  However about  25% of the video is taken up with negative message about the pizza – in written, oral and visual media.  It’s one thing to acknowledge you’ve made a mistake, another to publicise those comments to an even wider audience. Regardless, their site seems to be getting great traction and tweets abound with peoples’ verdicts on the ‘new and improved pizzas.’ Whether this will help see an increase in market share only time will tell.

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