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In Yahoo!’s own words;

“So what the heck is The Upshot? Eight people, six reporters and two editors, working each day to tell you what’s happening in the world with short bursts of reporting and analysis…Our goal is to be blunt narrators of the day’s news, to cut through the noise and misinformation and get to the heart of what’s important and why.”

Seeking to differentiate itself from Google, Yahoo! sees its strength as providing relevant, interesting and entertaining content to its community. Yahoo! wants to move away from being a search provider to a content provider and The UpShot is the first concentrated effort in delivering this service.

How will this work? News articles will be picked up by the UpShot team by monitoring what search terms are trending (popular), so in effect their news stories will be generated from users searches.  Where the difference will show is ‘the human factor’ of the UpShot team, which to me, reads that essentially, Yahoo! are offering their own journalist service.

But why? The idea behind this is that concentrated yet popular news will deliver concentrated news readers. This in turn means more targeted marketing and advertising and hopefully more revenue.

With it only being launched on the 6th of July, we’re still in early days yet. Personally I think this could work as it capitalises on Yahoo!’s personal touch and community feel. These are areas that Google has had trouble in creating as evidenced with their failures in Orkut, Buzz and even Google Wave.

Only time will tell!



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