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View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh CastleWow, it’s been a while since my last post – my bad!

A lot has happened since then, most important being that I’ve moved from my home town of Dublin, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland!

I’m now working as an SEO Specialist for Dmarkable – the online marketing section for PR company, Beattie Communications.  Have only been here a little while, but really enjoying it – keeping busy and getting to wax lyrical about the wonders on online marketing to a whole new country! So far no haggis or anything deep fried but I have seen my fair share of kilts and hear ‘och aye’ on pretty much a daily basis.

In between meetings with clients, I’ve been able to read up on all stuff that I didn’t have time for previously…as well as checking out some pretty cool sites.  I plan on commenting on these as and when I see/ read/ digest them.

Most recently I’ve been playing around on Google Wave.  Still finding my way around it – have no idea if I’m using it correctly, but thoroughly enjoying the instant messaging influence.  It reminds me of a mix between Twitter, Email, Facebook, and Project Planner software.  You can organise ‘Waves’ on any topic you wish, people can search for these topics and join/ collaborate with you on said topics – Simples! As a certain cravat wearing mammal is fond of saying.

So far I’ve joined a WhiskyWave, which seems to be going splendidly. Don’t you just love it when work and pleasure combine?  Am planning on creating a couple of waves myself – one on SEO in Scotland, and another on New in Edinburgh.

Will update as they occur. In the meantime my Google Wave address (or Wavdress as I like to call it)  is

While I’m at it, my Twitter account is





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