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There has been an amendment tabled which would allow search engines to reproduce web content within results, as long as they direct to the source material.

This comes on the heels of much talk about Rupert Murdoch cosying up to Bing and shunning Google due its perceived ‘money for old rope’ actions. Murdoch and other publishers view the likes of Google as profitting from their hard work. However Google has commented saying that without their search algorithims, many people would never see the publishers content. This amendment, if it passed unchanged, would amended the existing Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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Not great news for Y! (who helped spawn Google btw), who have already signed a deal to farm out much of its search operation to Microsoft and if it loses more of its share of the search market, will reduce the value of the deal with MSN.

Yahoo! also saw French engineers go on strike this week. Strikes, in France? Surely not I hear you cry. Sarcasm aside, they were striking because Carol Bartz, Yahoo!’s new CEO wants to close down the R&D center and put 78 engineers out of work. Their ultimate come back is to start a blog…using Google’s software. Ouch.

More info on Search Share:

More info (and video) about the strike:

If you’re anything like me when I read that headline, you’re thinking…who the hell is Yelp and why should I care? Well
gather round til I tell all…
According to the site, “Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great – and not so great – in
your area.”
In cold hard facts, Yelp is an local-social network with about 26 million users across the US, Canada and the UK.  I’m
thinking of it as a kind of TripAdvisor meets Facebook…and Google has its eyes on it, bidding TEN times over the
estimated generated revenue to get its gFingers all over it.  But why?
Google is focused on developing more local content, as that what users (i.e. us) want, don’t you know.  Anyway, Yelp has a lot of eyeballs looking at it each month – roughly 8.5 million a month at last count – to read its user generated content on topics specific to local locations.  Acquiring Yelp will mean Google has direct access to this content while simulataneously providing fantastic advertising space opportunities for Google’s advertisers.
What’s that got to do with us? Directly? Probably not much. But it does represent another step towards total gDomination. Which depending on how much you believe their ‘Do no evil’ motto is a good or bad thing.
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