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I worked with Annette Cashell to create this site from scratch.  I used WordPress for this site as it met with the time, budget and usability constraints.

The theme used is the Diet Theme, with a different main image.

After consulting with Annette, it clear that she wanted to be recognised for qualified pilates classes in Malahide and Portmarnock.  With this in mind, the name was selected and the text on the site was created to optimise the site for keywords such as “pilates classes in Malahide”.

I recommended that the site structure contain pages titled About Pilates, Benefits of Pilates in order to help with the sites’ SEO.

I worked with Annette to write the text of the site, to maximise its SEO – including keywords in the text and in the meta tags and images.

I have also subsequently added a flash video to the home page, which cycles through testimonials from her clients.


Maggie came to me with a site that she had already created, but needed to bring it on a little farther. She had already selected a WordPress theme but required a bit more tweaking to get it as she wanted.

This included ensuring there was a header image for each page. In order to accomplish this, we had to transfer the site to a new hosting service and edit the some of the code.

She also wanted Upcoming Course dates to appear in the top right hand column.

Originally there was the idea of creating a splash page for this site – however this was discarded as it would damage Google rankings and also require an extra step for users to access the information they are looking for.

I worked with Maggie to create text that helped with her Google Rankings. This has resulted in her placing on the first page for her keywords, “Baby Massage Dublin”.

I also helped her with her Google AdWords campaign, advising her on how to get the best return for her investment.

Geraldine and Angela approached me as they had a website for their Speech and Occupational Therapy company but wanted to get more from it.

After doing quite a lot of research on their industry, I felt confident to provide recommendations for them.

This included changing site architecture slightly, creating new pages on the site, changing the text to include keywords in prominent positions, and adding more content on how they can help children with developmental difficulties.

I also set up a Google AdWords account for them, and advised them on how get the most from it.

This project is still ongoing but should be completed by September 2009.


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