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OK, I know it’s not January, but it’s taken me some time to figure out what my New Year’s resolution is to be.  I’m going to start writing a short piece on what’s been happening in my life and post it here on my blog.  Nothing ground breaking, but with my memory at least it’ll help me keep tabs on what I’ve been up to!

So, without further ado….

Last weekend I travelled back to the Emerald Isle (also known as Eire, Ireland, and that damp spot West of Europe that’s fond of spuds) for a short trip to visit friends and family.  Arrived late Friday and was all set to fly out Sunday morning. Except that bleeding volcano in Iceland put a stop to that. 6am phone call to my ever-patient boyfriend who valiantly managed to get me home by a combo of bus, more bus, boat, and train.

In reality, it really wasn’t that bad a trip back. Lovely scenery all the way and everyone was in good(-ish) spirits.  What I have learned though is to have Stena Line’s Sail & Rail on speed dial. Those tickets go fast!! Then again, they only cost £50 return from Belfast to Edinburgh, ferry and train included. Add an extra €14 for bus from Dublin Airport to Belfast Bus Station (UlsterBus – they leave earlier than Aircoach) and you’re laughing.

PLUS the seats were bigger and comfier that Mr O’Leary could ever offer.

PLUS PLUS there’s a distinct lack of vomit yellow and sales pitches for the entire journey.

The number to call btw, cos I know you’ll be needing it someday is 08445 762 762

In other news, have been getting to grips with SEOmoz Pro membership which we got in work the other day. Very handy site crammed full of information and tools to do with SEO and PPC. If you’re into SEO or PPC or any of that frustratingly lovely stuff, check them out. They’ve got tons of stuff for non-members also.

Today I created a proposal for a PPC campaign for a client who’s targetting Asia predominantly. Loved doing the research for that I must say! Will have to wait and see what the client says.

That’s all for today. More to come.


PS, will figure out how to upload photos soon!



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