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OK, I know it’s not January, but it’s taken me some time to figure out what my New Year’s resolution is to be.  I’m going to start writing a short piece on what’s been happening in my life and post it here on my blog.  Nothing ground breaking, but with my memory at least it’ll help me keep tabs on what I’ve been up to!

So, without further ado….

Last weekend I travelled back to the Emerald Isle (also known as Eire, Ireland, and that damp spot West of Europe that’s fond of spuds) for a short trip to visit friends and family.  Arrived late Friday and was all set to fly out Sunday morning. Except that bleeding volcano in Iceland put a stop to that. 6am phone call to my ever-patient boyfriend who valiantly managed to get me home by a combo of bus, more bus, boat, and train.

In reality, it really wasn’t that bad a trip back. Lovely scenery all the way and everyone was in good(-ish) spirits.  What I have learned though is to have Stena Line’s Sail & Rail on speed dial. Those tickets go fast!! Then again, they only cost £50 return from Belfast to Edinburgh, ferry and train included. Add an extra €14 for bus from Dublin Airport to Belfast Bus Station (UlsterBus – they leave earlier than Aircoach) and you’re laughing.

PLUS the seats were bigger and comfier that Mr O’Leary could ever offer.

PLUS PLUS there’s a distinct lack of vomit yellow and sales pitches for the entire journey.

The number to call btw, cos I know you’ll be needing it someday is 08445 762 762

In other news, have been getting to grips with SEOmoz Pro membership which we got in work the other day. Very handy site crammed full of information and tools to do with SEO and PPC. If you’re into SEO or PPC or any of that frustratingly lovely stuff, check them out. They’ve got tons of stuff for non-members also.

Today I created a proposal for a PPC campaign for a client who’s targetting Asia predominantly. Loved doing the research for that I must say! Will have to wait and see what the client says.

That’s all for today. More to come.


PS, will figure out how to upload photos soon!


These days I’m working for the online marketing arm of the UK’s largest PR company. Dmarkable offer a range of internet marketing services from SEO to web hosting, PPC to web design. I have been here for about half a year and am settling in nicely.

Recent challenges have come from on of our clients who sells cruises. With the recent volcano chaos in Iceland, we’ve been working with them to make sure they get as much mileage out of this event as possible. Every cloud (even ash ones) have silver linings it would appear!

View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh CastleWow, it’s been a while since my last post – my bad!

A lot has happened since then, most important being that I’ve moved from my home town of Dublin, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland!

I’m now working as an SEO Specialist for Dmarkable – the online marketing section for PR company, Beattie Communications.  Have only been here a little while, but really enjoying it – keeping busy and getting to wax lyrical about the wonders on online marketing to a whole new country! So far no haggis or anything deep fried but I have seen my fair share of kilts and hear ‘och aye’ on pretty much a daily basis.

In between meetings with clients, I’ve been able to read up on all stuff that I didn’t have time for previously…as well as checking out some pretty cool sites.  I plan on commenting on these as and when I see/ read/ digest them.

Most recently I’ve been playing around on Google Wave.  Still finding my way around it – have no idea if I’m using it correctly, but thoroughly enjoying the instant messaging influence.  It reminds me of a mix between Twitter, Email, Facebook, and Project Planner software.  You can organise ‘Waves’ on any topic you wish, people can search for these topics and join/ collaborate with you on said topics – Simples! As a certain cravat wearing mammal is fond of saying.

So far I’ve joined a WhiskyWave, which seems to be going splendidly. Don’t you just love it when work and pleasure combine?  Am planning on creating a couple of waves myself – one on SEO in Scotland, and another on New in Edinburgh.

Will update as they occur. In the meantime my Google Wave address (or Wavdress as I like to call it)  is

While I’m at it, my Twitter account is



First work done on FreightFox was to rearrange the home page and add text that explained what the site was about and how to use it. This was to help SEO but more importantly to benefit the user’s experience.

Once that was completed, I set about editing the meta tags to include keywords and creating text on pages to include keywords also.

Following this, I set about tackling the question of how to develop news, job and resource sections.  This resulted in deciding to create an entirely new site with it’s own .ie domain name.  I also decided to use WordPress to publish it.  This was decided from a number of factors: time, cost, and ease of use for future administrators of the site.

After conducting research on the themes available, I settled on Atahualpa as it was easily customisable and provided the core parts needed.

Plugins used:

  • Add to Any
  • All in One SEO
  • Bad Behaviour
  • Breadcrumb NavXT
  • Contact Form 7
  • Executable PHP Widget
  • Google Ajax Search
  • Hackadelic Sliding Notes
  • OIOPublishers
  • PS Auto Sitemap
  • Register Plus
  • Report Post
  • Role Manager
  • SpamShiv Lite
  • WP-RSS Import
  • WP to Twitter

I also worked with a programmer to develop our own FreightFox plugin. This enables us to relate pages to each other based on certain topics. The idea behind this is so that when someone posts a press release, they can relate it to their profile on FreightFox.

Aside from the actual creation of the site, I have also developed FreightFox’s online presence through the creation of a Facebook page and Twitter Account, as well as publishing press releases online and leaving comments on industry specific blogs and forums where possible.

I also created and implemented a number of email campaigns, announcing the launch of the site, as well as promotions for the printed directory itself. This was done using Constant Contact.

I also designed a number of designs for the site also, using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

I also managed PPC campaigns for FreightFox using Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Malahide Promotions were asked to work on promoting the Irish International Freight Association (IIFA) upcoming Diploma course.  The following campaign was decided upon:

  • Press releases announcing the diploma course were placed:
    • In the IIFA newsletter and on their website,
    • On Chambers Ireland website and magazine,
    • On online press release sites such as, and
    • Submitted to trade magazines and newspapers
  • Creation of video to be posted on the IIFA website and YouTube.  Press releases were created announcing the use of YouTube as an advertising medium for the diploma and distributed as the previous press releases.
  • Creation of Facebook page for the IIFA, with the view of providing course information for the participants as well as providing a space for them to discuss issues or topics.

The success of this campaign was evident from a full attendance of the course.  Additionally, the publicity of the IIFA has been greatly increased through these efforts.

I worked with Annette Cashell to create this site from scratch.  I used WordPress for this site as it met with the time, budget and usability constraints.

The theme used is the Diet Theme, with a different main image.

After consulting with Annette, it clear that she wanted to be recognised for qualified pilates classes in Malahide and Portmarnock.  With this in mind, the name was selected and the text on the site was created to optimise the site for keywords such as “pilates classes in Malahide”.

I recommended that the site structure contain pages titled About Pilates, Benefits of Pilates in order to help with the sites’ SEO.

I worked with Annette to write the text of the site, to maximise its SEO – including keywords in the text and in the meta tags and images.

I have also subsequently added a flash video to the home page, which cycles through testimonials from her clients.

Maggie came to me with a site that she had already created, but needed to bring it on a little farther. She had already selected a WordPress theme but required a bit more tweaking to get it as she wanted.

This included ensuring there was a header image for each page. In order to accomplish this, we had to transfer the site to a new hosting service and edit the some of the code.

She also wanted Upcoming Course dates to appear in the top right hand column.

Originally there was the idea of creating a splash page for this site – however this was discarded as it would damage Google rankings and also require an extra step for users to access the information they are looking for.

I worked with Maggie to create text that helped with her Google Rankings. This has resulted in her placing on the first page for her keywords, “Baby Massage Dublin”.

I also helped her with her Google AdWords campaign, advising her on how to get the best return for her investment.


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